Hardypond Starts Lyseth’s Long Awaited Renovation

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In May 2019 Hardypond Construction was selected unanimously by the Portland school board to be the contractor for the Lyseth Elementary School renovation project.  The two-year project includes renovating 10 classrooms this summer and more the following summer, adding a new gym and library, putting in an addition to the entryway, and updating mechanical and electrical systems.  While it is a big, intricate job with lots of logistics, the Lyseth Elementary project is right in Hardypond’s wheelhouse of expertise and an exciting building to improve for the community.  “A lot of contractors didn’t look at the job because it was so complex,” says Deirdre Wadsworth, Hardypond President.  “This presented us with an opportunity to do a big, hard job that we are capable of doing well.”

Historically, Hardypond has done school renovation projects every summer and has completed previous renovations at Lyseth.   Being familiar with the building as well as having personal ties to the Lyseth community helped bring a personal aspect to the job.  At a groundbreaking ceremony in May, the entire school came out to celebrate the start of work.  The school song was sung, speeches were given, and even the kindergarteners picked up shovels to start digging.  Everyone was thrilled the renovations to their long-neglected school were finally real.

One key element of the project was to coordinate logistics and the schedule properly so the school could remain open and safe during the school year.  Hardypond found a way to choreograph the project and break it down into smaller, manageable sections.  For example, this summer classrooms will have some of their older systems revamped and get a facelift with new flooring and paint.  Some walls will also be taken down to help reallocate space to meet the needs of the school so teachers no longer have to set up classrooms in hallways.  The roof systems will be beefed up this summer to ensure they are safe and strong.  A fair amount of excavation work will be undertaken this summer as well, such as the bus loop entry and mechanical trenches.  Hardypond will also break ground on the site for the new gym and library in September with the structure to be up by the end of 2019 and be fully complete by September 2020.

Yes, this is big project with an aggressive schedule, but more than that, it is a project that will improve the lives of teachers and school kids in the community.  Sounds like the perfect example of what Hardypond does best.  The whole Lyseth Elementary project is scheduled for completion by the start of the 2020 school year.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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