Our Story

 “We do things differently,” says Deirdre Wadsworth, President of Hardypond Construction.  “We want the construction process to be enjoyable.  My goal is to have a business where skilled and talented individuals come together to make a client’s vision happen.  We have good people and we get good work done.  I want to honor the abilities of my staff and use their expertise so we get the best finished product for our clients.”

Deirdre has been the head of Hardypond since 2015 when the torch was passed by her father, company founder Bob Gaudreau, making it one of a handful of female-owned construction companies in Maine and the U.S. Having grown up in her family’s construction business – Deirdre learned to drive on a backhoe –  she applies her extensive experience and a thoughtful approach to managing her company. As a leader, she fosters an environment where everyone takes pride in their work, which shows in Hardypond’s projects.  Deirdre’s construction knowledge, combined with an MBA in Sustainability, give her an edge in the industry and give Hardypond a progressive point of view.

“We want to be a part of projects that make our communities better,” shares Wadsworth.  “From schools to nonprofits to housing, we are excited to be a part of their success and to be building projects that help our state thrive.”

With its 30+ year history, Hardypond Construction is known as one of the most respected and trusted contractors in Southern Maine. By using the varied skills of our project managers and site supervisors in all steps of the construction process, paying our subcontractors fair prices for their work, and always keeping safety our first priority, we are committed to a better way of building. In choosing Hardypond as your general contractor, you get the comfort that comes from working with a family-owned business coupled with the knowledge and experience of construction professionals with a proven track record of success in projects large and small.  We tackle difficult projects many other contractors shy away from, keep our workforce happy and healthy, and deliver a finished product on time and within scope and budget.  Our clients appreciate the honesty Hardypond brings to every project and the open communication style we utilize in order to get the job done right.


We’ve brought countless projects from ideas to reality. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.