Our Story

Why We Work the Way We Do

On December 23, 1989, two days before Christmas, Bob Gaudreau was laid off from his construction job. In order to make ends meet, he and his wife had to return their daughter’s gifts from underneath their Christmas tree. It was an experience he wanted to make sure was never repeated: not for himself and not for anyone else if he could help it.

Though common practice, after experiencing seasonal lay-off Bob realized it was no way to run a successful construction company. Rather than let his situation get the best of him, Bob turned this experience into an opportunity. He decided he would start his own construction company, one where employees would be valued and appreciated and whose foundation would be honesty and transparency.

Nine days later, on January 1, 1990, Bob founded Hardypond Construction. True to his word, Bob built a company that has endured by sticking to these principles. Through profit sharing, empowering female employees, and utilizing the skills of a diverse workforce, Hardypond has built a committed team of project managers, site supervisors, and subcontractors that are as strong as steel. Their clients appreciate the honesty Hardypond brings to every project and the open communication style they utilize in order to get the job done right.

Today's Hardypond Construction

The torch has been passed and in 2015, Bob’s daughter Deirdre Wadsworth became President of Hardypond Construction, making it one of a handful of female-owned construction companies in Maine and the U.S. Having grown up in her family’s construction business, Deirdre applies decades of experience to managing her company. Her construction knowledge, combined with an MBA in Sustainability, give Deirdre an edge in her industry.

Hardypond Construction has become one of the most respected contractors in Southern Maine. In choosing Hardypond as your general contractor, you get the comfort that comes from working with a family-owned business coupled with the knowledge and experience of construction professionals with a proven track record of success.

We’ve brought countless projects from ideas to reality. Let’s talk about what we can do for yours.