Hardypond’s President Featured in MaineHomes article on Maine’s Female Builders

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Deirdre Wadsworth, Hardypond’s President, was part of a feature on Maine’s female builders in MaineHome’s Fall 2022 Issue. It was a wonderful opportunity to be in conversation with MaineHomes Editor Sarah Stebbins and eight other strong female leaders in the building field about the future of the industry. When asked what will bring more women into construction, Wadsworth replied:


“In 2006, when I started, there could be 50 people in a room at a pre-bid and I would be the only woman. Now, it’s usually close to a third women on the project management side. I think the labor shortage has brought more women into the mix. I am seeing more female subcontractors, and I make a point every time of being like, ‘Thank you for being in this industry.’”


Read the full article over at MaineHomes!

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