Hardypond’s Director of Business Development Receives MEREDA Public Policy Award

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This past January, Hardypond’s Director of Business Development, Kevin Sutherland, received recognition from the Maine Real Estate and Development Association (MEREDA) and was awarded their Public Policy Award.  Kevin serves on MEREDA’s Public Policy and Local Issues Committees, and was instrumental in crafting MEREDAʹs response to the Climate Council draft report and representing MEREDA before the Portland and South Portland City Council.  He was recognized for these efforts and his significant impact on public policy changes to benefit responsible real estate development and ownership in Maine.

Kevin has always said that his goal is to help Hardypond be a part of community development projects that propel southern Maine forward, and we are proud that his skills can not only help us and our clients, but can support all Mainers working to improve Maine as well.


Congratulations, Kevin!  Thank you for all your dedication and hard work!

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