Hardypond Construction Helps Southern Maine Businesses Remodel Works Spaces for Covid Safety & Compliance

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As many Portland and southern Maine businesses cautiously return to the office, it is important that their commercial work spaces are configured properly to help reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread.  Along with all the recent changes to our work-life, it can feel like the whole office equilibrium is out-of-whack.  Hardypond Construction can help get your existing office space back in balance.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the more closely you interact with your colleagues or others and the longer that interaction takes place, the higher the risk of Covid-19 spread.  In order to reduce risk, the recommendations have been to stay home and avoid further face-to-face interaction.  Unfortunately, that’s not always practical or feasible in the business world, so the CDC recommends face coverings and keeping at least a six-foot distance.  Within an office space, the CDC recommends additional barriers in the workplace to help people maintain distance while at work.  This is where Hardypond Construction can assist: renovating your workplace for a Covid-compliant work environment.

Hardypond Construction is a leader among Portland construction companies in retrofitting and renovating existing buildings.  With our network of professional partners, we can work with you to identify ways to reorient, rebuild, or relocate your workplace to assist your employees in maintaining social distancing.  

If you are looking for a redesign of your current space, we partner with some of the best architects in the region.  If you need additional space, we have contacts in commercial real estate throughout southern Maine who can help you find a new or additional location. And of course, there’s what we do best – the construction.  The current concept of open space popular in many offices can be efficiently remodeled to meet the current CDC guidelines for Covid compliance.  Hardypond can assist in the building of closed office spaces, the rewiring of electrical, and the re-direction of air for heating and cooling.  We are proud to be able to help businesses in greater Portland and throughout southern Maine meet the needs of today and get back to work.   

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