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This spring, working with our friends at Gawron Turgeon Architects (GTA), we completed The Mooring on Foreside, a new construction project that represents an innovative approach to assisted living. We’re very proud of this project because it redefines how a retirement community can look and feel. Once our work was finished creating the structure, GTA did an amazing job designing an environment that feels more like a home and less like a medical facility. As such, they were recently honored for their work on The Mooring with a prestigious International Interior Design Award from the IDAA.

Upon notification of the award, Rebecca Dillon, principal at GTA, said,“We are thrilled that such a very special project, which challenged current assisted living industry standards, was recognized in this manner. Our client was determined to erase any perception of institutional care and understood that every detail of the interior design was critical to achieve that – it was a pleasure to be an integral part of that vision.”

Huge congratulations to Rebecca and her team! To find out more about our more innovative construction concepts, give us a call at 207-797-6066.

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