Creating Inspiring Spaces – An Update on Lyseth Elementary School

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Hardypond has been keeping busy with the Lyseth Elementary School renovation!  This complex, multi-phase renovation began in the summer of 2019, continued through the winter, and forged ahead over the summer of 2020 despite the added challenge of working safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.  There have been a lot of intricate pieces to this project, and it has been no easy task to run a full construction site while school has been in session, let alone adding in the new safety protocols for the pandemic.  Hardypond has taken all the challenges in stride and created a modern, optimized space for kids and teachers to return to last fall. 



The new entrance for the school, with its bright colors and dynamic mix of materials, welcomes students to what feels like a whole new school.  Beyond the beauty of the facade, the more practical upgrade of giving kids a safe space to wait for busses out of the rain is a big improvement.  Moreover, the addition to the administration building provides practical improvements for the staff of Lyseth as well.  For example, there is now an optimal space for the school nurse to help students confidentially and comfortably; no longer are staff members stuck in closets (literally!) trying to do their jobs. 


The new library is another bright addition to the school.  While it was a fairly basic job construction-wise, the well-designed space features lots of natural light and incorporates high end millwork.  “It’s a great place to grab a book and read in the sun,” says Hardypond President Deirdre Wadsworth.  

The other big addition to the school is its new gymnasium, which features a full basketball/volleyball court complete with retractable bleachers, and a full performance space that is designed for exceptional acoustics.  Bring on the talent-filled student musicals!


Perhaps the most exciting new space for students and teachers is the curved connector hallway.  “This was a big deal for us,” says Wadsworth.  “Not only was it challenging from a construction standpoint, but we faced scheduling and material issues as this type of glass was really hard to find.  Our team found ways to resolve those issues and meet our deadlines.  Now, it’s a really great space for students to hang out.  It’s just a happy space,”  she continues.

As is the Hardypond way, we dealt with the challenges that arose along the way at Lyseth (and in the world) and ensured the project happened on time.  With the new, inspiring spaces as well as the revamped classrooms and upgraded sprinkler and mechanical systems, Lyseth Elementary School provides an exceptional educational environment for kids and teachers.  We love seeing the kids in the new space!


Stay tuned for an update on the new kindergarten classroom!


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