A New Chapter for a Historic Hotel in Brunswick

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Hardypond recently completed a major renovation project on The Federal, a hotel in Brunswick. A beautiful, historic building, The Federal was previously known as The Captain Daniel Stone Inn and dates back to 1819. The owner had originally planned to convert the hotel into an assisted living facility, but when it became clear that was not a feasible option, the decision was made to bring the hotel back to life with the necessary upgrades as well as a few new and exciting design elements. Hardypond was a part of a team that included architects and designers to make sure that every corner of the hotel was done right.

The initial plan was to simply spruce up the lobby and six rooms in the building, but as the team got into the project, the scope grew substantially. The project ended up including a complete redo of the restaurant, roof work, all new windows, and new paint on the entire exterior. Beyond the design upgrades, Hardypond also tackled several major systems that were in bad shape, such as the elevator, the sprinklers, and fire alarms. Each was upgraded to meet current code and safety requirements. 


The original house was also updated with a new heating system and a reconfiguration of the space so it transitioned more thoughtfully to the new design. Hardypond often takes on complicated, historic projects that other contractors shy away from and excels at finding ways to preserve and incorporate the history of a place while making necessary upgrades. From highlighting the original woodwork to working out ways to change the room configurations in the least intrusive way, Hardypond worked hard to honor the unique and special details of The Federal. The entire time, the team worked under the watchful eye of Miss Narcissa Stone, whose portrait now hangs in the new lobby’s bookcase. It was her father, Captain Daniel Stone, who had the original house built in 1819. “Miss Stone was over-seeing us and making sure we did it right,” joked Deirdre Wadsworth, Hardypond President. “The Federal has a totally different look now,” Wadsworth continued. “The designer did a great job and it was really fun to work as a team to figure out how to overcome all the challenges along the way. Now we have a hotel that is very modern with a historic underside.” 

While preserving the details of the original house was a priority, Hardypond also had an opportunity to create some stunning new spaces. The lobby was transformed into a modern, welcoming space that includes a big, open staircase as an interesting design feature. The restaurant was another area that was renovated with exciting design elements such as large, glass barn doors that mirror the look of a big wall of windows, and a structural wall that will provide the opportunity to close off a porch for special functions. Large planters help divide the restaurant space in interesting ways as well. Looking ahead to the fast-approaching summer tourism season, a new chef will soon take the helm, guaranteeing the restaurant will be a buzzing place to meet for cocktails and dinner. 

This complex project really tapped into Hardypond’s strengths. It meant working in a fully collaborative environment with lots of creative problem solving and exacting attention to detail. The end result, with its exciting design upgrades, new restaurant space, preservation of historic details, and modern paint exterior, is sure to one again elevate The Federal to a landmark in the Brunswick community. Best of all, it was fun!

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