Founder’s Story

Doing things differently is part of the foundation of Hardypond Construction.  Bob Gaudreau wanted to build a company where employees would be valued and appreciated, and whose foundation would be honesty and transparency.  He had seen first hand how the industry treated its people and he knew there was a better way.

On December 23, 1989, two days before Christmas, Bob Gaudreau was laid off from his construction job. In order to make ends meet, he and his wife had to return their daughter’s gifts from underneath their Christmas tree.  Though seasonal lay-offs are common practice, Bob realized it was no way to run a successful construction company.  It was an experience he wanted to make sure was never repeated: not for himself and not for anyone else if he could help it.  Rather than let his situation get the best of him, Bob turned this experience into an opportunity.

Nine days later, on January 1, 1990, Bob founded Hardypond Construction.  Bob’s love of renovation work was the fuel that sustained Hardypond Construction throughout its initial development. For years, Bob led teams working on countless renovation projects many contractors rejected due to the complexity and difficulty. These projects presented unique construction problems that had to be solved with out-of-the-box thinking. By never turning down a construction challenge over the course of decades, Bob and the Hardypond team acquired an immense knowledge of construction that benefits all of Hardypond’s clients.

Most importantly, the company Bob built has endured by sticking to the principles of honesty, transparency, and integrity. Through profit sharing, empowering female employees, and utilizing the skills of a diverse workforce, Hardypond has built a committed team of project managers, site supervisors, and subcontractors that are as strong as steel. Bob’s daughter, Deirdre, is continuing the work he started – building great projects in a better way for both the Hardypond team and most importantly, for our clients.

Now, as head of Hardypond Development, Bob is focused on developing properties that help communities grow.  Bob has served on numerous committees and boards, including the Foundation Board at Central Maine Community College. He lives on the Maine coast and takes frequent trips to his vacation home in the British Virgin Islands. Bob is an avid gardener and enjoys being active outdoors.