Our Construction Philosophy

The Hardypond Way

When you ask developers what the biggest hurdles are in construction and working with a general contractor, you’ll hear the same answers over and over again:

  • The quality of subcontractors, project managers, and site supervisors.
  • Communication between the various parties involved.
  • Working with a company that’s the right size.

Over the course of our history, we have developed a construction philosophy and practice that results in delivering a quality product by utilizing highly experienced subcontractors, site supervisors, and project managers who feel that their work is appreciated. We accomplish this by using the varied skills of our project managers and site supervisors in all steps of the construction process, paying our subcontractors fair prices for their work, and always keeping safety our first priority. This has allowed us to tackle difficult projects many other contractors shy away from, keep our workforce happy and healthy, and deliver a finished product on time and within scope and budget.

We foster an environment where everyone takes pride in their work. You can see and feel the results in the value of our buildings. Give us a call to speak about how we can turn your ideas into reality.